Capture Special Moments By Creating 3D Printed Figurines

3d Printed Figurines

3D figurines are also known as “mini-me” or 3D printed miniature figurine of a person. The concept is based on a photorealistic 3D scan. There has been an improvement in 3d printing technology globally; therefore, it has become possible to create 3D statues of individuals or couples. 3d printed and scanning has found its space in created personalized gifts and memories. With a 3D body scanner, it captures the color and face of the body. Some scanners can even capture the object in multi-color capable of 3D printing in material such as sandstone or paper.

The photorealistic 3D miniature is the printed statue of a person with fine details.

3 D printed miniatures have become very popular in the personalized gifting industry. 3d printed figurines are perfect as a gift for life events like marriages, birthdays, graduation days, etc. The 3 printed miniatures are an attractive replacement to traditional photos. For example, gift a beautiful couple 3D figurine of bride and groom on their wedding day can be the best gift for them.

Customized 3D Printed Figurine

3d printed action figures can be customized to create favorite action figures with your face. The process involves two steps. First, scanning the face of the subject and second, it can be integrated into a 3D printed action figure. For example, if your brother is a fan of Spiderman, you can gift him a personalized 3d action figure having his face on the action figure of Spiderman. Many companies are offering personalized 3D figures for animal lovers having their faces on the animal body.

Capturing The Best Moments In 3D

Capturing objects in 3d to create a statue is the best way to create special moments and memories forever. It has become a popular way to celebrate special events by gifting personalized 3D figures. This 3d scanning process is very fast and simple. With the state-of-the-art 3D scanner, professionals take fractions of seconds to capture the object in full color resulting in a highly detailed image.

Types Of 3d Figures

Full-body color statue– With the highest quality scanning and printing, your full body sculpture is made of sandstone in vibrant color. You can choose from standard sizes such as 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches and 15 inches.

Bust statues- You can also book a personalized color bust made of sandstone in full color. In this process, your head is scanned creating a 3D printed museum bust.

Pet statues– If your pet means a lot to you, you can get a personalized mini statue of your pet. It can be your dog, fish, or cat. The 3d figure created looks amazing and attractive. Unlike photos, it gives a realistic feeling by creating 3D mini statues.

Types Of Events And Celebrations

Corporate scans and prints– Make your corporate event successful by creating 3d figures by scanning and printing as many people. It can be the best gift for employees as a reward for promotions, awards, or extraordinary performance.

Graduation Day- Some days are so special and unforgettable. Scanning and printing your 3d statue on your graduation day can create special memories. Unlike photos, it captures fine details of your face and body language giving a realistic feeling. The 3d scanner captures the real moments of that special day in high-quality. By observing the 3d statue, you can feel the emotions and happiness on your face.

Parents– Your parents are the world to you. With the best scanners, you can capture the 3d figure of your parents. Wherever you go, you can carry it with you. The realistic images of your parents look very attractive. These 3d printed statues are much more appealing than traditional photos. You can gift your parents a couple 3 d statue on their 25th or 50th anniversary or birthdays.

Weddings– Personalized gifts are always special. Gifting 3d figurines of bride and groom is one of the best ideas. A wedding day is the most special day of your life. You can’t let go of these memories and emotions that you experience at your wedding. Creating personalized 3d figures captures your emotions and feeling perfectly in full color.

Pregnancy– Being a mother is a blessing. The journey of 9 months creates innumerable memories. Creating 3d printed figures of the mother is the best way to capture the memories. A 3D printed statue of you with a baby bump is a perfect way to capture the emotions forever.

Kids– Created personalized statues of your kids is the best way to create memories. For every year, you can order a 3d statue of your kid to keep them close to your heart.

The Best 3D Scanners For Scanning 3d Printing Figures

To capture and print a 3d selfie or statue, it is essential to capture you fully in 3d and color using a 3d scanner. There are several types of 3d scanners available to scan the face or full body in color. As technology is evolving, you can find very few 3d scanners offering high-quality output. You can also find handheld 3d scanners having the capacity to capture you in 3D. It requires the subject to stand still during the 3d scanning process. Generally, professionals use a 3d scanning booth to capture a full person. Under a scanning booth, 3 d scanners can capture one to 4 four persons at once in a detailed manner.

Handheld scanners capture 3d objects in various sizes with accurate textures and colors. It is a good solution for detailed body and face scanning where the operator can walk around while scanning. There are many 3d scanning mobile applications available to capture 3d images. With such applications, you can convert your smartphone into a 3d scanner.


With accurate 3d scanning solutions, personalized figures are in great demand. Many individuals expert in 3d scanning have started businesses offering 3d personalized statues and figurine services at attractive services. With accuracy in 3d scanning technology, bespoke services for printed figurines have become very popular. You can create any type of 3d figures for kids, pets, parents, bride and groom, favorite action figures, animals, etc.

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