Custom 3D Printed Trophies In Australia

We have an expert team that caters to our clients by creating all kinds of distinctive 3D-printed trophies. In addition, they also recreate your specific product or logo designs and perfectly incorporate them into the trophy. Let us create personalized trophies for you!


Why choose Us to make your 3D-printed custom trophies?


Fast turnaround

Have a tight deadline? No issues at all! We have the expertise to make custom trophies before your expected timeframe, we can make them for you and satisfy your needs.

  • High-speed, reliable and high quality.
  • Custom design.

Expert help

Our experts making 3D-printed custom trophies will guide you from the design to finding the most favourable way to get your project done within your budget and time.

  • We can work on custom trophies with complex designs and shapes.
  • Our expert help significantly increases the visual appearance and exclusivity of the trophy.

Premium quality

We pride ourselves on our work quality, from the material we use to make trophies, and the polishing, to the painting and finishing.

  • Every piece is checked for quality and consistency.
  • We hold quality to the highest standard.

Ideation & Design/Prototyping

We make 3D-printed trophies and serve brands that need outstanding awards. If you already have a unique idea in your mind, our experts can help you find the best way to make it happen.

  • We produce innovative ideas and improve your unique designs to make custom trophies.
  • We create designs based on sketches or pre-existing designs you provided to us.


After approval of the design, we start production immediately and deliver a trophy with the custom designs you need.

  • A perfect balance of the human and machine aspects of producing a recognition piece.
  • Solid and scaled reproduction.

Painting & Finishing

Painting and finishing are two extended parts of the production process. Our experts can decorate your trophy with any colour.

  • Perfect finishing.
  • Aesthetic appeal.

Which Cities Do We Cover?

We are Australia’s renowned 3D printing brand, which makes premium 3D printed custom trophies. Whether in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, or Brisbane, we are ready to serve you!

3D Printed Trophy in Sydney

It does not matter if your trophy-printing project is complex. We have experts in Sydney who deliver the type of trophy you want as quickly as possible.

3D Printed Trophy in Perth

Our 3D-printed custom trophy-designing experts in Perth always ensure the delivery of original and attractive designs to make your project successful.

3D Printed Trophy in Melbourne

Our 3D trophy designing team you find in Melbourne has shown great precision over time, making us the top choice for our clients from different industries.

3D Printed Trophy in Brisbane

Our 3D trophy printing experts in Brisbane have been in the limelight of various industries to play a pivotal role in their projects.


Our Recent Projects

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