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The technology of 3D Printing is not exclusive nowadays to the labs and experimentation zones in Brisbane, Australia. It has become a crucial part of the manufacturing, defence, and engineering sector. 3D printing technology has evolved from prototyping to mainstream manufacturing. It covers all the processes from testing and designing to the final production of items at the least possible costs. This factor allows mass usage, and the service is now being rapidly adopted by automobile, construction, manufacturing, aerospace, heathcare and even marine sectors.

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    We currently support .3mf, .iges (.igs), .obj, .step (.stp), .stl, .wrl and .zip (with models and textures) files up to 25mb.
    If you have multiple files please send us on info@caddeziners.com.au or you can upload zip file here.

    Our 3d Printing Services

    Cad Deziners’s 3d printing services in Brisbane give you access to the most professional 3D printing technologies and materials. Create plastic functional parts, metal 3D printed industrial parts and visual prototypes with resin materials for a smooth surface finish. We offer the following:

    Chrome Plating

    Direct metal 3d printing produces high-quality…

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    Carbon Fiber

    Metals and materials have been the base…

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    CNC Machining

    We provide prototype and small volume…

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    Vacuum Casting

    CAD Deziners deals in vacuum casting…

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    Polymer printing

    We have deployed the machinery that pertains…

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    SLS 3d Printing

    SLS is very good for producing prototypes which…

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    Polyjet 3D Printing Service

    In this Polyjet 3d printing technology, layers of…

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    Metal Printing

    Direct metal 3d printing produces high-quality…

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    SLA Printing

    Stereolithography (SLA) is a 3D printing technique …

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    3d Printed Trophies

    We have an expert team that caters to our clients…

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    FDM 3d Printing

    FDM stands for Fused Deposition Modeling. It is a…

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    Exhibition Models & Displays

    Exhibition Display models play a crucial role in attracting visitors…

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    Chocolate Moulding

    Chocolate mould is made from the FDA approved plastic material…

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    3d Printing Architectural Model

    We are the best 3D printing platform that provides excellent solutions…

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    Professionnal 3D Printing Brisbane : An Overview

    3D printing, even being a fairly recent phenomenon, has been taken up across the globe for the variety of utilities that it offers. The way simple plastic fragments can turn into exciting and useful things is a sight to marvel.

    Besides this, material quality and flexibility in material choice also have a great hand in the technique’s success.

    More on 3D printing

    3D printing has countless opportunities to offer. From creative purposes to industrial usage, 3D printing has become widely prevalent in all sorts of places.

    3D printing helps produce creative stuff out of it. Many entrepreneurs create prototypes for the next breakthrough product via 3D printing. The 3D printing process’ ability to transform digital to real has made it a popular production service across several industries.

    Developing new products is one siginifcant offering. Designers can easily create and test prototypes also known as rapid prototyping. 3D printing is actually a super efficient technique to produce new products without wasting money on raw materials or other resources. Entrepreneurs and industrialists can use our 3D printing services to breathe life to their ideas. In essence it is an affordable and efficient way to develop new products. Also helps manufacturers experiment before they go on making significant investments. With 3D printing, manufacturers can see the product and analyse via CBA whether they should pursue the idea or not. Our 3D printing service can help you with creating 3D models and prototypes.

    Injection molding

    Understanding 3D printing In Brisbane

    In simple terms, 3D printing is the technology that allows us to create real objects out of a digital model. The technology commonly uses plastic materials; however, metals and composite material can also be used upon need.

    There are several projects in the pipeline with this technology. With 3D printing you can create prototypes and even mass manufacture the ideas. Once the product is finalized and has a satisfactory form, it may then be pushed forward towards manufacturing.

    While commercial 3D printers are limited in scope of production, the right 3D printing service can produce 3D models in bulk and deliver to you. We are proud to say that we have a very low lead time. This means that the time from conception of the idea to the deliver of the final order is less.

    So in simple understanding, 3D printing is an essential cog in the chain of manufacturing. You obtain the original product by making it through the printer and then have it mass-produced.

    Understanding the Mechanics of FDM printing and SLA printing

    FDM Units

    This is the original form of 3D printing technology. FDM 3D printing leads the market and has several different functionalities to offer to the users. The mechanism of FDM printing is simple to grasp. The printer takes in the plastic filaments and then heats it up so that it can be molded easily. The filaments are melted on the hot end and then squeezed out in layers on the surface known as the print bed.

    FDM printing can be done with several materials. While plastic filaments are the most common ‘ink’ for the 3D printing it’s not limited to that. We offer more than 60 different printing materials and are well equipped to handle tasks and consignments for practically all your 3D printing needs.

    Fused deposition modelling is the best to produce prototypes and functional parts for various industries. This allows entrepreneurs and experimentalists to come up with new protoypes and have them developed. If you need to know more with regards to developing experimental products, please contact us.

    We’ll share our expertise with you and see what potential your ideas have. You may even improve upon the idea once you consult us and discuss the scope of your project.

    SLA printing

    SLA printers have started to gain traction, and people are moving towards it gradually because it offers the production of fine designs with better detailing. Stereolithography or SLA 3D printing works with laser technology to produce results with absolute finnese. The lasers are high-powered which solidifies the liquid resin and eventually delivers the desired 3D shape.

    The process is a fusion of laser work and photopolymerization. Once the model is ready then 3D model is then processed to rinse off the resin and put under the UV light for curin. All this is done to make the model stable and allow it to gain strength.

    Understanding CAD

    The models for 3D printers are created using CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) primarily, along with other software programs as well. It is the engine that runs behind the creation of all the 3D printing designs. To put this into perspective, CAD can be said as Photoshop or illustrator for 3D printing.


    About CAD Deziners 3D Printing

    CAD Deziners is a leading provider of 3D printing services in the city of Brisbane. We are committed to delivering the best prototyping and creative designs using 3d Printing for the manufacturers in Brisbane. As the city expands its industrial automobile, aerospace, and marine systems manufacturing capacity, we are there to help them expand with the most dimensionally and precisely accurate models of ideas and concepts. Our technicians know how to produce the best models that our clients desire.

    With 3D printing, the products are well tested in the CAD designing phase, and then 3D printed. When our clients place their requirements, we place special attention to the details. The designs are well adjusted and tested under CAD applications, and every aspect of the model is tested before 3D printing it.

    3d Printing Service Also Available In

    Perth      Melbourne         Sydney 

    Why Hiring CADDeziners For 3d Printing in Brisbane?

    Dealing with Variety of Printing

    With CAD Deziners, clients get exposure and the opportunity to work with multiple domains of 3D Printing. These include metal printing, resin and plastic Printing, prototyping, polymer printing. We also utilize several other polymers and material availability, as per the client’s demand for strength, smoothness, and finishing. We use both additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques in our 3D prints to finish out with the designs.

    Innovative solutions

    We at CAD Deziners are into the Automotive, Marine, Architecture, aerospace, manufacturing, and marine industries. These industries deal with complex environments and dynamic product structures. We deploy calculations and equations to determine the relative values through a series of tests to conclude with the most appropriate solution.

    Any orders that we get are carefully assessed in terms of both theory and practicality. At CAD Deziners we work with the diligence that’s required to create brilliant products for our clients. We also offer solutions that are innovative and can solve problems that our clients encounter.


    We are committed to delivering quality service at lower costs. Therefore, we use pre-established standards related to the project and derive new proportions that will help reduce costs in large production volumes to arrive at the design with a low budget requirement.

    How Does 3d Printing Works


    Assessment of CAD File


    3D Printed Product

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    Frequently Asked Question

    What is 3D printing?

    3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a manufacturing process where a 3D printer creates three-dimensional objects by depositing materials layer by layer in accordance to the object’s 3D digital model.

    How does 3D printing work?

    3D printing process follows the same basic steps. It starts with creating a 3D blueprint using computer-aided design (commonly called CAD) software. Once the 3D blueprint is created, refilling the raw materials (such as plastics, metal powders or binding solutions) and preparing the build platform. Once you hit print, the machine takes over, automatically building the desired object. Using information from the digital file printer knows exactly where to put material. The polymer solidifies quickly. After the printing is finished, every object requires a bit of post-processing.

    Is 3D printing material recyclable?

    Most 3D-printed objects could theoretically be recycled, but you probably cannot recycle them curbside. The two most commonly used materials 3D printing are Polylactic Acid (PLA) and Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). PLA is a biodegradable thermoplastic made from renewable resources like cornstarch or sugar cane

    How much to get something 3D printed?

    Photopolymer model material will run $0.32 to $0.36 per gram, and support material may be between $0.11 and $0.21 per gram. This cost is based on the fact that photopolymer resins are made for these specific 3D printing processes and are not as mostly used as thermoplastics.

    What is 3D printing material made of?

    Many different materials can be used for 3D printing, such as ABS plastic, PLA, polyamide (nylon), glass filled polyamide, stereolithography materials (epoxy resins), silver, titanium, steel, wax, photopolymers and polycarbonate.

    What are top 3D Printing Methods?

    For Metal:
    Powder bed process: SLM/SLS, DML, LMF and EBM
    Additive procedures: LMD, DED, DMD, Laser Cladding and MPA

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