Chrome Plating Services In Australia

The Best Chrome Plating Partner In Australia

Chrome plating involves a thin layer of Chromium applied onto metal or alloy using an electroplating method. Chrome is a beautiful and modern option to get a classy style for architectural fittings.

We are the best chrome plating service provider in Australia, dealing in hard and decorative chrome plating.

Our hard chrome plating is used in tough applications (stainless steel and other high-alloyed steel) to improve service life. We also specialise in hard chrome for repairing damaged and worn parts. Our hard chrome plating services serve different industries, from food processing to automobile manufacturing.

We also deal in decorative chrome plating, a process of putting a very thin chromium layer over nickel-plated components. Consequently, a bright, shiny finish is produced. Decorative chrome plating is useful for many industries, such as the automotive industry and those that manufacture kitchen utensils.

We invite you to share your chrome plating needs with us and let us deliver the perfect finish you deserve.

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Different uses of chrome plating

We have become the first choice of customers who want chrome plating service for the following different uses:

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1. Automobile chrome plating

We serve automobile manufacturers, as we specialise in plating automotive parts. Regardless of the type of auto manufacturer, we can produce customised plating solutions that satisfy our clients’ needs. You can expect various chrome plating finishes, and we can apply them to all types of stainless steel alloys.

2. Aerospace chrome plating

Our plastic chrome plating service is ideal for aircraft components, as it improves atmospheric corrosion resistance on any metal. Plating acts as a strong barrier to corrosion and absorbs damage. Choose us to maintain the integrity of the component.

3. Doorknobs and handles chrome plating

We offer a wide range of doorknobs and handles with chrome plating options. Whether you choose the most contemporary or traditional chrome plating door handles with stainless steel, zinc or alloy, we are always within your reach.

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Why choose Us for custom chrome plating?

We are your partner for excellent chrome plating services. It does not matter where you are in Australia, whether in Brisbane, Perth or Sydney, we serve you in all the big cities of the country. Our platform is known in the industry for the following aspects:

  • Minimal delivery time
  • Top-notch technology
  • Seasoned chrome plating technician

Chrome plating service in Australia at reasonable rates

Chrome plating services are available at our company at reasonable rates. Our customers often avail these low-cost services for our reliability and punctuality. In addition to the availability of experienced chrome plating experts and advanced technology, we offer our services at very reasonable rates.

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Where we serve our customers in Australia

Chrome plating in Melbourne

We have a large team of experts in Melbourne, serving our customers by delivering the best services. We can apply a chrome coating to various surfaces and create a truly spectacular effect.

Chrome plating in Brisbane

We offer the best chrome plating service in Brisbane. Here, we have veteran chrome plating experts who use state-of-the-art technologies to serve you.

Chrome plating in Perth

If you are in Perth, we will also serve you by providing excellent chrome plating service. Our services cater to a vast range of industries.

Chrome plating in Sydney

We have been providing chrome plating services in Sydney for many years now to a plethora of industries.

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