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3D printing Metal Australia is an intricate process that uses a layer-based technique to create metal objects in three dimensions. The process resembles another intricate process called Laser sintering; however, it isn’t exactly the same. Here we use high powered lasers to create metal 3D models for our clients. The process uses the lasers to work up the metal and club the substances to bring digitally designed objects to physically printed metal 3D objects.

Metal Printing

Understanding the 3d metal printing technologies: SLM and DMLS

3D Metal printing is done using two primary technologies; SLM and DMLS. Let’s take a dig deep and understand the mechanisms behind the mentioned technologies.

Metal Printing


DMLS stands for Direct Metal Laser Sintering. The process is a sophisticated and commonly used method that delivers great results. At our company, we efficiently deploy DMLS to produce great  3D print Metal models for our clients. The mechanism of DMLS is simple. It uses powdered metal that’s used with the right valuations of heat and pressure to produce 3D printed metal parts. The levy this process offers is that it can be conducted with any alloy. This offers the immense possibility to produce metal 3D  goods, unlike other procedures which only work with certain types of metal powders or alloys.

The procedure happens by layering the parts that are fused together and left to cool down. Once it cools off, the part becomes ready to use.

So in summation, the metal printing via DMLS uses metal powder and melts it up with high powered laser beams. The process can easily produce functional metal parts in under a week’s time. The major difference that makes DMLS a preferred choice of metal 3D printers is that it doesn’t melt the metal powder on a molecular level. We champion this art and can produce several alloys of various materials with different melting points. All this may sound a little complicated, but don’t worry. Our technical staff knows all the practical and theoretical aspects of DMLS 3D printing to deliver our clients the best metal 3D printed products.


Selective Laser Melting, commonly known as SLM, is another one of our expertise that’s held under our belts. We have produced 3D printed metal designs for many of our clients with absolute precision via Selective Laser Melting.

SLM works on with the most common powder materials, including nickel-based alloys, aluminium alloys, steel and iron-based alloys, and more. The results produced through SLM on the powder materials are absolutely phenomena. We produce 3D printed products for our clients using this method. Our engineers know best how to sieve down the perfect digital designs to produce prim metal 3D printed goods.

SLM uses very high energy, and that’s the reason why it offers absolute precision due to high energy, the metal powder is completely made into a liquid form. That’s what makes it easy to work with. The metal liquid is then layered up to produce the product our clients like or what they order.

Metal Printing
metal printings

Benefits of DMLS

There are several benefits that you can avail by having  3D printing Metal via DMLS by us. Down below, we shall discuss a few:

Direct metal Printing– one reason why this method is so efficient is that it offers 3D metal printing without affecting the properties. So you get actual and workable properties of alloys and raw metal parts that you order us to make.

Recyclable material- Wastage is a very common industrial problem. Millions of dollars are lost due to the wastage of powdered metal. However, with DMLS, we can easily reuse the powdered metal that didn’t melt or get sintered. This also results in negligible wastage of resources.

Vital Functional Parts- With DMLS, workflow is super-efficient because several parts can be worked upon at the same time!

Features of DMLS 3D printing

Down below are some key features of the DMLS 3D printing:

  • You get good quality and fully functional 3D printed metal parts made with DMLS
  • Adjustable volumes are one of the greatest offerings of the procedure. The method offers the making of several different parts at one single time rather than having to wait to finish one thing before getting on with the other.
  • Best finishes are one thing that we take pride in. With DMLS, we are able to deliver stellar and shiny metal products by using several processes after the metal part is 3D printed, such as anodizing, electroplating or powder coating.
Features of DMLS 3D printing
Metal Printing

Our Company Is Your Stop For Metal Printing 3D

So if you are looking to get 3D printing with metal services in Australia, then we are up to be of assistance. We champion this art and have delivered pristine products and designs to our clients. Our motto is simple, to deliver the best products. That’s the reason why we have well-trained employees who work on the best machines available to us.

Allow us to metal print your designs. We assure you that you’ll be delighted by the results we produce for you!

We have a wide range of 3D Printing Materials Metal. You can get any sort of design produced by us. Be it prototyping or mass production; we are well equipped to cater to any challenge that you throw our way!

Cities We Cover

We have become a renowned brand in Australia to get your metal 3D printing projects done. We have been serving the top cities in Australia, i.e. Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Metal 3D Printing In Sydney

No matter how complex your metal printing project seems, our metal 3D printing experts in Sydney will provide you with your desired product as quickly as possible.

Metal 3D Printing In Perth

Our metal 3D printing team in Perth shows complete proficiency in delivering the most pristine designs to our clients.

Metal 3D Printing in Canberra

No matter what your requirements are, we have qualified people in Canberra and always committed to give you an expert advice and superior quality workmanship.

metal 3D printing
Metal Printing

Metal 3D Printing In Melbourne

The precision that our metal 3D printing team in Melbourne has shown over time has made us the top choice for industries to metal print their designs.

Metal 3D Printing In Brisbane

Our metal 3D printing experts in Brisbane have been in the limelight of industry owners to get their metal printing tasks done quickly and efficiently.

Metal 3D Printing in Adelaide

Our metal 3D printing experts in Adelaide ensure the provision of the maximum durability and premium quality finish, regardless of your object and project.

Industries we serve with metal printing


Materials used in the Metal Printing Process.


Aluminium 3d Printing

This material has good thermal and mechanical properties and low density. This metal also has high electrical conductivity.


Stainless Steel 316L

This metal has high resistance and hardness. It is widely used in food and medica sector.


Copper 3d Printing

It is widely used in wiring and cabling and electronic industry.


Brass 3d Printing

Brass printing is widely used in 3d printing jewelry, accessories and other decoration items.



It is widely used in 3d printing jewelry and decorative objects.


Metal Laser Sintering (Metal)

This technology regenerates real 3D parts from layer-by-layer additions of fused metal powder.

Metal Printing Methods

Material NameQualityMin DetailsMinimum Wall ThicknessMaximum Size
Metal Laser Sintering (Metal) Stainless steel 316L
Metal Laser Sintering (Metal) Stainless steel 316L
Smooth finish0.1mm1mm220x220x250
Stainless Steel420 (SLM)
Stainless Steel420 (SLM)
Smooth finish0.2mm1.5mm760×390×390mm
Smooth finish0.2mm1.5mm270x220x320mm
Stainless Steel316L (DMLS)
Stainless Steel316L (DMLS)
Smooth finish0.1mm1mm220x220x250mm
MS1 Steel (DMLS)
MS1 Steel (DMLS)
Smooth finish0.1mm1mm220x220x250mm
Ultra Smooth Surface0.1mm0.8mm89x89x100mm
Ultra Smooth Surface0.1mm0.8mm89x89x100mm
Ultra Smooth Surface0.1mm0.8mm89x89x100mm

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