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Carbon fibers are mixed with other materials to form a strong composite used to manufacture industrial products. When it is mixed and baked with plastic resin, the outcome is carbon fibers known as a carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer. We provide large quantities of advanced composite materials to the aerospace, marine, energy, automotive, etc.

We are specialized in using carbon fiber materials for manufacturing bike frames, vessels, yachts, helicopters, containers, propeller blades, cars, planes, robots, drones, boats, tubes, etc. You can come to us for carbon fibre manufacturing in Australia to get cheap and effective services.

Carbon Fiber

Advantages of carbon fibers

  • Carbon fibre is a strong material as it makes the filament much harder and more rigid.
  • Making the filament firmer and rigid minimises the risk of damages, like scratches, when a 3D printed model combines with another object.
  • In addition to giving additional strength to the model, carbon fibre also reduces weight, making it well suited for the automotive and prosthetic industries.

Features of carbon fibers 3d Printings

The features of carbon fibers are favourable for manufacturing components, parts, and products for several industries.

  • The carbon fiber material is very light in weight
  • Thinner than a human hair
  • It is highly stronger than steel and aluminium
  • Helpful material for several industries
  • Used to strengthen the products
  • It offers higher stiffness and tensile strength
  • Corrosion-resistant and temperature resistant
  • Low thermal expansion
  • It has a low weight to strength ratio

Types of carbon fibers

  • Carbon fiber fabric– We provide carbon fiber cloth, a plain and high-quality raw material.
  • Carbon fiber rods and tubes– We provide customized carbon fiber round tubes, square tubes, weave mat carbon tubes, tube poles, and round and square pull winding tubes.
  • Carbon fiber sheets and veneers-We provide CNC carbon fiber plates/sheets with a thickness range from 0.2mm to 100mm.
  • Carbon fiber veil– We provide carbon tissues and carbon fiber mat at affordable prices. The features include conductivity, anti-spark and anti-static, properties used for building a composite structure.
carbon fiber

Applications of carbon fibers industries


Automotive industries

We produce several types of automotive parts using the 3D printing with carbon fibre material:

  • Aesthetic customisation (custom frames, convex mirrors, rear-view mirrors, cup holders)
  • Valves, lids, and other small parts
  • Larger parts, like dashboards and grills


We caters to the needs of the aviation industry by producing several types using the 3D printing with carbon fibre material:

  • Fuselage or main body of the plane
  • Parts of the wings and tail
  • Rotor blades in helicopters
  • Doors, and interior components like seats


We supports the marine industry by fabricating different parts and even the boats using the 3D printing with carbon fibre material:

  • Laser sailor
  • Hulls
  • Mast bracket and other key fixtures and fittings

Choose our Carbon Fiber 3D Printing Service

We offers premium-quality carbon fiber 3D printing service at the best market price. This printing technology using the carbon fibre offers various advantages making it an ideal material for manufacturing companies. This material is more vital than steel, as its main properties include corrosion-resistance, temperature-resistance, and chemical resistance. In addition, it can also be coated to avoid abrasions that results in low-cost manufacturing and make products more popular.

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