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Carbon fibers are mixed with other materials to form a strong composite used to manufacture industrial products. When it is mixed and baked with plastic resin, the outcome is carbon fibres known as a carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer. We provide large quantities of advanced composite materials to the aerospace, marine, energy, automotive, etc.

We are specialized in using carbon fibre materials for manufacturing bike frames, vessels, yachts, helicopters, containers, propeller blades, cars, planes, robots, drones, boats, tubes, etc.

Carbon Fiber

Advantages of carbon fibres

We offer clients high-quality carbon fiber solutions at affordable prices. In addition, it offers distinct advantages that make it an ideal material for manufacturing parts and products. Carbon fiber is more vital than steel, corrosion-resistant, temperature-resistant, and chemical resistant to acids, alkalis, and solvents. Adding to the advantages, it can also be coated to avoid abrasions that make products cheaper and more popular.


Features of carbon fibres 3d Printings

The features of carbon fibres are favourable for manufacturing components, parts, and products for several industries.

  • The carbon fibre material is very light in weight
  • Thinner than a human hair
  • It is highly stronger than steel and aluminium
  • Helpful material for several industries
  • Used to strengthen the products
  • It offers higher stiffness and tensile strength
  • Corrosion-resistant and temperature resistant
  • Low thermal expansion
  • It has a low weight to strength ratio

Types of carbon fibers

  • Carbon fibre fabric– We provide carbon fibre cloth, a plain and high-quality raw material.
  • Carbon fibre rods and tubes– We provide customized carbon fibre round tubes, square tubes, weave mat carbon tubes, tube poles, and round and square pull winding tubes.
  • Carbon fibre sheets and veneers-We provide CNC carbon fibre plates/sheets with a thickness range from 0.2mm to 100mm.
  • Carbon fibre veil– We provide carbon tissues and carbon fibre mat at affordable prices. The features include conductivity, anti-spark and anti-static, properties used for building a composite structure.
carbon fiber

Applications of carbon fibers industries


Automotive industries

Carbon fibre solutions have proven to be revolutionary for automotive industries. It has led to weight reduction, high performance, and fuel efficiency in various automobiles. As carbon fibre solutions are solid and light-weight, it has become significant for the production of vehicles. The carbon fibre materials are used to manufacture structural components, body panels, trim components, visual components, etc.


Aerospace is an industry of innovation and change. Using advanced carbon fibre solutions would enable aircraft to travel faster and longer with less fuel. We provide future technology and high-performance carbon fibre materials for various applications such as aircraft, helicopters, shuttles, etc. We offer high-performance carbon fibre solutions for the aviation industry at affordable prices. It is used to make the body of the aircraft, its wings, and it’s tail. Thus, it makes an aircraft more profitable, requiring less maintenance.



We offer lightweight and more robust carbon textiles to manufacture vessels, yachts, boats, propellers, passenger ferries, masts, hulls, superyachts, etc. Marine environments are very challenging. Such lightweight and high-performance solutions are ideal for the marine industry. The applications of advanced material lead to cost-effectiveness, fuel, and high-speed efficiency in the manufacturing process of marine products.

Why CAD Deziners?

CAD Deziners has been continuously leading the market in production of highly accurate and durable parts from the past 8 years. Our team of expert designers provide the best solutions for printing complex parts.We offer cheap and efficient FDM 3D Printing services in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane.
Some other benefits include:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Lesser lead times
  • Used for a wide range of prototyping products
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