What Material Do You Use for 3D Printing?

3D printing is nothing short of magic. You model up something on the computer, finalise the design, press a few buttons and then wait- you get your model 3D printed without any hassle. It’s awesome, but there’s still a lack of knowledge in the general audience about 3D printing.

Many people whose only interaction with 3D printing is hearsay assume that it uses plastic as ink. While plastic is surely an important ink, it is certainly not the only one. In fact, there are tons of ink options. 

In this article, we shall explore a few materials that are used for 3D printing and shall see how you can know which one is the best for you. Let’s get into it right away:


Metal 3D printing is commonly used for making parts and stuff where tenacity is the primary goal. While plastic may be a common ink for 3D printing, metal can easily make up for the second most used material. 

From making jewellery to making spare parts for the military, metal ink can be used. The metal ink offers lots of utility to some top-end industries. That’s why it is one of the most demanded. You can find its usage in the aviation, air force, and even healthcare. 

Direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) is used to produce products with metal as the ink for 3D printing. 

It is also a common material used to produce prototypes. All in all, metal is one widely used material in the 3D printing world.

Graphite and Graphene

Another brilliant example of the inks used other than plastic. It is not a common material and is used for specialised purposes, such as when someone needs to work with superconductors or electronics. 

Tech companies have a surprisingly high interest in using graphite and graphene as the ink for 3D printing things. That’s because the cost can be significantly reduced using this phenomenon. Plus, with 3D printing, the wastage cost comes to almost zero. 

Which means that it is an efficient method that can produce amazing results and cut costs for the manufacturers.

Carbon fibre

This one is somewhat similar to graphite, but in terms of ink, it is considered a completely separate entity. It is primarily used to produce bearings, spare parts, and assistance with electrical cable installation. 

Sometimes, carbon fibre is used in confluence with plastic ink since it can produce tougher but lighter products. Many experiments are being conducted in this domain. Carbon fibre is also being experimented with to make several strong products that are light in weight. 

Theoretically, it has a lot of possibilities in the field of aviation and the military.

Other types of ink

The above mentioned three types of inks are just a few of the many. At CAD Deziners, we use more than 60 types of materials to 3D print the best products for our clients. 

Other than what’s described above, powders, papers, chocolate and even soya oil can be used as ink material for 3D printing. 

How to select the right ink for my work?

If you are looking for the right 3D printing solutions, then ink selection can be a bit tricky for you. With so many options available, it can become confusing as to what material shall be perfect for your needs.

There are two ways to find answers- the first one is online. There’s a high chance that you can find the answer to your 3D printing confusions online. But the problem with that is that there’s so much information available online you may even get more confused than you were initially. 

The second and safe option is to consult a service provider of 3D printing. They shall analyse your needs and offer you the right solution. This way, you’ll get the best products made for you conveniently. 

If you are in Australia and are looking for 3D printing solutions, then come to CAD Deziners right away. Here we have the best 3D printing solutions for you. We have worked with clients from a plethora of industries. We can produce the best stuff for you as well. 

It doesn’t matter if you need to get a spare part made or if you are looking for a spare part for a train. We can manage it all for you. CAD Deziner is proud to offer the best 3D Printing Services in Australia.

Final Words

3D printing is a vast domain that is still under exploration. With this, the possibilities are endless. As mentioned above, the process offers utility to a lot of industries, and it’ll only grow as time passes.

If you want 3D Printing Services in Brisbane or in other Australian cities, then ping us. We’ll be waiting to hear from you!

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