The Role Of 3D Printing in The Mining Sector

Role Of 3D Printing in The Mining Sector

Additive manufacturing or commonly known as 3D printing is gradually making progress in the mining industry. Besides the common industrial-based applications, this futuristic technology has proved to be cost-effective, streamlined, and incredibly time-saving.  

This blog is dedicated to explaining the far-reaching consequences and perks of 3D printing. 

But before we move on to the benefits of this technique, let’s first shed some light on the manufacturing process:

How Mining tools are manufactured in the 3D printing process?

In order to develop customized mining tools, Metal 3D printing processes are applied. One of the prominent metal 3D printing processes is Powder Bed Infusion.  In this process, a thermal energy system with a laser is used. The laser melts the surface of the object and transforms it into a thin layer of powder. 

This process is then followed by another powder transformation. The second layer of powder is spread over the first one and the process is repeated until the metal part can be conveniently lifted out of the powder bed.  

Perks of 3D Printing in the Mining industry

Surpassing Age-old Challenges

The majority of the mining projects are often carried out in natural or remote surroundings. Although this protects the general population from the adverse effects of pollutants, it creates a dilemma for supply chains and logistics. 

As a result, excessive delays and downtime operation time are common occurrences. Not to mention, mining industries confront monetary losses either because of new set equipment or rusting away of the old ones.

Given the astronomical pressure on running a mining operation, creating new tools, or mining parts becomes a serious challenge. That is because, in addition to manufacturing costs, you also need to deal with storage and warehousing. 

To get precisely engineered parts, mining companies are predominantly dependent on original equipment manufacturers or OEM. This is where 3D printing comes to the rescue. The infallible application of this state-of-the-art technology enables the manufacturers to create specialist components, like 3D printing mining rigs. 

Before the advent of 3D printing, the essential mining parts were manufactured via conventional techniques like one-off production runs. Consequently, this results in a monumental waste of not just resources but also time and financial capital. By aiding effective on-site and on-demand production, 3D printing can help to save money and time.

The 3D topographic maps have revolutionized the mining 

When it comes to mining parts manufacturing, a difference in a nanometer can result in colossal losses. Fortunately, with 3D printing, accuracy is easily achievable. With this futuristic technology, you can create precise topographic outlines of mining sites. 

3D topographic mapping has efficiently overcome the challenges of the past. Therefore, bid farewell to the limitations of 2D printing. With 3D printed models, miners can easily tackle the issues characterized by paper-drawn models. 

Furthermore, 3D printing allows engineers and mining staff to use accurate data on geological and topographic features in the mines.

The impact of 3D laser scanning at replication and customizations

The combination of 3D printing coupled with laser scanning technology can facilitate the replication of desired mining tools and the required spare parts. The unique nature of this technology enables the manufacturers to produce customised and one-of-a-kind mining parts. 

Customisation in mining tools has never been common before 3D printing. It has led the manufacturers to produce suitable mining-appropriate spare parts. As a result, of advancing 3D printing techniques, the manufacturing process has not only become more time-efficient but also astoundingly cost-effective. 

Customised tools and mining parts are produced in small batches. After customised production is completed, the blueprint of the new model is stored in the accessible digital library. Hence if the need for further replication or modification arises, the manufacturer can conveniently access the on-site library. 

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