Stop Casting Your Trophies; 3D Print Them Instead

Do you want to get trophies in bulk? Casting them can be a lot of hassle. You can try metal 3D printing this time. It will provide much more design freedom, detailing, and customisation, which you can’t get through metal casting. Moreover, you can design your parts to be articulated, which is impossible with traditional casting procedures. There are many new opportunities you can avail by switching to 3D printing. We will share some of them in this blog.

Faster Procedure

Metal casting is very time-consuming, from pre-production to the whole procedure. 3D printing is much faster than metal casting. First, you must prepare the mould, and then the casting procedure starts. Also, the product from casting needs further finishing. On the other hand, 3D printing is way faster. You just need a 3D model for the production. The post-production method is also very simple. The supports are removed, and your product is ready. It is better to get your product ready in less time with more precision and accuracy. No one wants to wait for days to get trophies ready, so opting for 3D printing is clearly better. 

More Control

You may feel you will have more control over designs and precision while casting, but it is incorrect. During metal casting, you have no control over the bubbling of metal. Sometimes bubbles form, and the liquid metal solidifies in the same condition, giving you a product full of bubbles. Sometimes, the sand particles from the mould also mix up with liquid metal and solidify with it, leaving a product with a bad finish. You will face no such problems with 3D printing because it does not involve liquid metal. The 3D printing services manufacture your product the same as you want without any bubbles or sand particles.

The Product Will Be Lighter

Trophies are not meant to be very heavy. They can’t be that lighter if you manufacture the trophies through metal casting. With metal casting, you have specific design limitations. If you want to make your product lighter, making it hollow from the inside can be a good option. Through metal casting procedures, you can not produce hollow products. You have to pour liquid metal into the moulds to manufacture solid heavy-weight products.

On the other hand, 3D printing gives you a wide variety of design opportunities. You can manufacture hollow products weighing very lightly. For lightweight trophies, 3D printing is always better.

Better Finishing

Products like trophies have a lot of designing and detailing. The design options will be limited if you want to manufacture them through a metal casting procedure. At the same time, modern 3D printing gives you the option to design your product freely. You have to design the 3D model having all the details and designs you want. Through 3D printing, you will get identical products with exceptional finishes. You just have to remove the supports, and your product is ready to use. It is the best option for precise and customised productions such as trophies. 

Last Words

Using newer technology for your products is always better as it provides you with a number of benefits. If you manufacture your trophies through 3D printing, you will get them in your hands within very less time. Your trophies will also be lighter and have the same design as you wanted. This is all you want. Try 3D printing instead of casting, and you will surely be amazed by the smooth product. 

You can try CAD Deziners for your trophies. We provide the best 3D printing services for all your products. Our experienced technicians ensure to give you the product exactly as you want. We also offer other services, including Injection moulding, Vacuum Casting and CNC machining services.

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