3D Printing Tips: How to Get Perfect Brass 3D Print Quality

3D printing comes in all different kinds and variations. And one of those variations just happens to be brass. Brass is a versatile material and is used to make many different kinds of objects. If it just so happens that you need something 3D printed in brass, then you have come to the right place. 3DPrintings.com.au offers the best 3D printing services in Sydney. And if you are looking to learn about how brass 3D printing works and how to get the perfect brass print through tried and tested tips and tricks, then this blog is for you.

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Material: 3D-Printed Brass

Brass itself is, as we know, an alloy of copper and zinc. And it is used in a multitude of objects. Brass is a very mouldable metal; it is also very resistant to corrosion and the like, which makes it perfect for things like sculptures, sockets, locks, valves, and other such objects which require intricacy and durability.

You can even find brass jewellery because it is an economical alternative to metals like gold while allowing for the same level of detail. And when polished well, it gives the same premium look like gold and silver. 

Technology: 3D Casting & Moulding Brass

Unlike conventional 3D printing processes, 3D printing and casting brass works in two steps. The model you want isn’t directly printed. Instead, for accuracy’s sake, these two steps are followed: Lost wax casting & 3D printing. 

So, how does it work? In the first step, a 3d model of the object you want to be printed is produced. And this model is made up of material that is similar to wax. A stereolithography printer is used to produce this model. Once the model has hardened enough and can stand under its own weight, it is cleaned and readied for the next step.

The step after this is quite simple. The wax-like 3D print is taken and then covered in a thick layer of plaster to create a mould. This mould is then hardened by placing it into an oven. As the mould hardens, the heat of the oven melts the wax away, leaving behind a perfect mould. Then the mould is cooled down, and molten brass is poured into the cavities of the mould to form the final object. 

Once solidified, the mould is then broken, and the final product is taken for further refinement. 

Design: Tips on How to Get the Perfect Brass 3D Print

Brass 3D printing is not difficult but making sure that you get the perfect brass print takes some trickery and expertise. That is why we have some tips that we have listed below that can help you get an accurate 3D print without putting in too much effort to make it that way. 

  1. The exact wall thickness measurement is important if you want to ensure the quality of the final product. The minimum wall thickness is 0.6mm for just about all products. Though, you should increase it if you are working with gold-plated brass, as it requires the wall to be sturdier; 0.8mm is the minimum for that. And if it is a wire structure, then you should make sure it is a minimum of 1mm because it needs to maintain an appropriate grip on the structure.  
  2. To ensure accurate imbuing of small engravings and decorations, those parts should have a minimum diameter of 0.35mm and a minimum height of 0.4mm.
  3. When deciding on the dimensions of your brass 3D print, it is best to remember the limitations of brass 3D printing. It can produce a design with the dimensions being a maximum of 88mm x 88mm x 125mm.
  4. To maximize the accuracy of all gaps and spaces in your design, make sure that said gaps are more than 0.3mm away from each other. If the distance is below 0.3mm, then the gaps might blend together and produce a defective design.  
  5. The model should have a minimum of 3 holes, and it should have a minimum diameter of 1.5mm to allow for the wax-like resin to drain properly when heated. 
  6. Brass 3D printing does not have the capability to print out nested or interlinked objects. So, any attempt would result in a defective object.


Brass 3D printing is a process that can produce very versatile and allows for very precise intricacy and details. And if you are interested in learning more about it or getting brass 3D printing done for yourself or your business, you can contact us at 3DPrintings.com.au. We offer the best 3D printing services in Australia at affordable prices. We also offer other kinds of printing, moulding, and machining services to fulfil all your production needs. So, submit your design and get a quote today! 

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