3D Printing or Laser Cutting – Which Is Right for Your Business?

There are many different and creative manufacturing processes being used these days. And two of these that we will be discussing in this blog are 3D printing and laser cutting. These two techniques are considered comparable because they are both used to create and manufacture highly intricate and delicate parts.

3D Printings offers laser cutting, machining, metal 3D printing and many other services in Australia, and we will take a look at these processes to work? And, when it comes to your business, which process should you be choosing? Keep reading to find out:

Choosing Between Laser Cutting & 3D Printing in Sydney:

●       How Does 3D Printing Work?

3D printing is a very accurate process, and it works thusly: First, a digital 3D model of the object or part that one wants to produce is made. This model can be made using a CAD program. In the said program, the accurate dimensions of the part you want to be produced are inputted. Once that is done, the file is fed into the 3D printer.

The 3D printer itself produces the part by adding the material, whether it’s metal 3D printing or another kind of printing, layer by layer until the part is fully produced.

●       How Does Laser Cutting Work?

The laser cutting process is just as simple to understand. The dimensions of the model or design that you want to be produced are programmed into the laser cutting machine. The machine then simply uses a high-powered laser to cut through the material that you are using to produce your part. Laser cutting can not only be done on metal but also acrylic, wood, cardboard, and even POM. This process is just as versatile as 3D printing.

What’s Best For You?

Ultimately, the process that you choose depends on the kind of part you want to produce and the kind of material that you are using in the said production process. Both of these production processes are just as efficient as the other and are highly accurate, but there are some advantages to laser cutting over 3d printing and vice versa when it comes down to certain factors. Let’s take a look at those factors.


Though it depends on exactly the kind of machine that you are using, the speed can depend on whether you have to design the object you want to produce on the machine itself or on an external system before exporting it to the machine to be printed.

As for the speed of production, the laser cutter will be more efficient than a 3D printer. The strength of the laser and the quicker movement of the laser ensures that parts are cut quicker. In contrast, a 3D printer will take longer because it creates a part layer by layer.

So, if you are going for a faster production time, then the laser cutting technique would be preferable.


Due to the precision of lasers, the laser cutting technique is capable of producing designs and engravings that are as small as 0.006 inches in depth. That is where lasers are much more accurate for more intricate designs. But when it comes to bigger objects and overall design, 3D printing is better because of the layering process that it uses.

So, if you are aiming for intricacy in design, your best bet would be laser cutting, but if you want to produce larger objects and want them to be more accurate as a whole, you should use 3D printing.

Costing Of Laser Cutters Vs 3D Printers

Due to the relative similarities and level of accuracy in both processes, the overall costing of both processes is quite similar. But exact costing depends on the kind of materials you use and the size of the object you are trying to produce.

To Wrap Up

So, ultimately, the choice is up to you and what kind of part you want to produce. Either way, your best option for 3D Printing in Sydney is 3D Printings. We are one of the most popular firms in Australia for 3D printing, machining and laser cutting services. Get a quote today!

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