VAT Polymerization

3D printing has come a long way since its original conception, and VAT Polymerization is among the most cutting-edge of the various 3D printing technologies available today. This process combines light, oxygen and liquid plastic to turn three-dimensional computer models into solid objects. It is an exciting development for many industries as it allows for extremely precise items to be quickly crafted. VAT Polymerization stands out in particular for being able to create flexible materials, which adds a new layer of design possibilities and potential uses. New doors are being opened every day as 3D printing continues to advance, with VAT Polymerization providing one of the strongest keys to opening them.

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Process of VAT Polymerization

Initially, a 3D design is produced using a software program. Subsequently, digital light processing technology, functioning as a projector, is employed by the 3D printer to beam the image using UV light onto a vat of liquid polymers layer by layer. This technique of draining and exposure to UV light is repeated until the object is formed entirely, depleting the vat of liquid and resulting in a solid 3D object.

Benefits of VAT Polymerization

VAT Polymerization is an innovative approach to manufacturing parts with unmatched precision and extraordinary detail that allows production of components with highly intricate geometries.

This technology works with a wide selection of materials, from resins and polymers to many other types. We offer compatibility across the board!

VAT Polymerization produces parts with a smooth surface finish, reducing the need for post-processing and improving aesthetics.

By only using the exact amount of material necessary, this process ensures a more efficient and sustainable production with minimal waste.

With VAT Polymerization, parts can be produced with fewer components, reducing assembly time and cost.

This technology enables rapid production of parts, reducing lead times and improving time-to-market.

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Applications of VAT Polymerization

VAT Polymerization is used in the production of high-quality jewellery designs and intricate pieces with fine details.

This technology is used in the dental industry to create dental prosthetics, aligners, and implants.

VAT Polymerization is often used for rapid prototyping of various products and parts, as it allows for the creation of accurate, high-quality prototypes.

This technology is used in the production of medical devices, surgical instruments, and anatomical models.

VAT Polymerization is used in the production of high-performance aerospace and defence parts with complex geometries, such as brackets, gears, and fuel nozzles.

This technology is used in the automotive industry for the production of parts such as dashboard panels, headlights, and door handles.

With VAT Polymerization, it is possible to create highly detailed and intricate sculptures, artwork, and props for use in movies, stage productions, and other forms of entertainment.

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