SLS Printing


About SLS Printing

Selective laser sintering consists of functional plastic part which contains mechanical properties and used in prototyping or low volume production. SLS printing produces highly accurate parts with strength comparable to injection molding. SLS doesn’t require support structure it is one of best choice for complex shapes, geometries and highly complex design.
Major Benefits: –

  • Functional prototyping
  • Low volume production
  • High performance component


Material NameQualityMin DetailsMinimum Wall ThicknessMaximum Size
Nylon PA2200 (White)Smooth Surface0.30.7675x545x366
Nylon PA11/12Smooth surface0.20.6380x380x284
Glass-FilledNylon 3200Smooth surface0.5mm1.0mm380x380x284mm
Alumide (SLS)Smooth surface0.5mm0.8mm315x240x190
Multi Jet Fusion PA12 (Black)Smooth surface0.2mm0.7380x380x284

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