The Best Metal 3D Printing Services in Perth

3D metal printing is revolutionizing the way businesses operate and innovate in Perth and beyond. CAD Deziner offers some of the best 3D metal printing services in Perth, giving you the ability to create metal parts with greater speed, precision, accuracy, and cost savings than ever before. 3D metal printing offers an unparalleled level of flexibility when it comes to manufacturing metal components, allowing you to create complex shapes and structures that traditional techniques can’t match.

Thanks to 3D metal printing, even small businesses can now afford to produce custom-made 3D parts for a fraction of what they used to cost in the past. This is particularly beneficial for industries such as aerospace engineering, automotive production, medical equipment manufacturing, as well as consumer products development. With 3D metal printing services from CAD Deziner, companies can now rapidly prototype 3D parts more efficiently and at a fraction of what they would have cost before.

3d metal printing melbourne
Metal Printing

High Quality Metal 3D Printing in Any Material and Shape

Using 3D metal printing technology from CAD Deziner allows you to get high-quality 3D prints in virtually any material or shape you desire. Advanced 3D printers from CAD Deziner are capable of producing intricate geometries that would otherwise be impossible with traditional fabrication methods. The addition of new materials makes 3D metal printing even more attractive as it opens up opportunities for creating parts that are both lightweight and strong at the same time. This added flexibility gives users access to a truly boundless range of possibilities when it comes to designing and creating their custom 3D components.

Another major benefit of 3D metal printing services from CAD Deziner is its almost limitless scalability potential. Whether you’re starting out with just one part or scaling up your production runs into thousands or millions, CAD Deziner’s 3d printers provide no problem whatsoever! Their machines can be used for single prototyping jobs or for large-scale production runs – allowing businesses of all sizes a chance to take advantage of this revolutionary technology without breaking the bank.

Why Choose Us for Your Metal Printing

Finally – if that isn’t enough – CAD Designers also provide post-processing services such as polishing surface treatments which further increase the accuracy and quality of your printed parts without requiring extra effort or time on your end.  With these comprehensive additive manufacturing capabilities combined with our knowledge base in design engineering consulting – there’s no doubt why more businesses are turning towards 3d metal printing services offered by CAD Deziner in Perth today than ever before!

3d metal printing melbourne

Important Statistics You Should Know About 3D Metal Printing

3D metal printing has quickly become an indispensable part of the manufacturing industry, with more businesses turning to 3D metal printing services to produce complex parts faster and cheaper than ever before. 3D metal printing has seen a massive surge in growth in recent years, with some impressive statistics for its development over time. Here are some of the most important stats you should know about 3D metal printing:

Metal Printing
Features of DMLS 3D printing
  • Global 3D metal printing market revenue is expected to reach $5.7 billion by 2025 – representing a compound annual growth rate of 16%. This is a staggering amount, and it’s no surprise that 3D metal printers are becoming increasingly popular and in demand each day.
  • 3D metal printing dramatically reduces manufacturing lead times and costs. 3D printed parts can be produced as much as 90% faster than traditional methods and at up to 20 times lower cost. Furthermore, 3D-printed parts can be produced with higher accuracy and precision than traditionally made parts.
  • 3D metal printing can create complex shapes that would otherwise be impossible with traditional fabrication techniques. This opens up endless possibilities for designing unique components and structures that were not possible before.
  • 3D metal printing offers greater scalability potential than ever before, allowing companies to quickly scale up or down their production runs as needed without having to invest in costly machinery or equipment upgrades.
  • The advanced post-processing capabilities offered by 3d printers from CAD Deziner make it easier for users to further enhance the accuracy and surface finish of their 3d printed parts without needing extra effort or time from them.

As we can see, 3d metal printing is revolutionizing the way businesses operate today – providing unprecedented flexibility in design, speed, cost savings, scalability potentials, and more! With these key facts in mind, it’s no wonder why more companies are turning towards 3d metal printing services from CAD Deziner for their production needs.

Industries we serve with metal printing


Materials used in the Metal Printing Process.


Aluminium 3d Printing

This material has good thermal and mechanical properties and low density. This metal also has high electrical conductivity.


Stainless Steel 316L

This metal has high resistance and hardness. It is widely used in food and medica sector.


Copper 3d Printing

It is widely used in wiring and cabling and electronic industry.


Brass 3d Printing

Brass printing is widely used in 3d printing jewelry, accessories and other decoration items.



It is widely used in 3d printing jewelry and decorative objects.


Metal Laser Sintering (Metal)

This technology regenerates real 3D parts from layer-by-layer additions of fused metal powder.

Metal Printing Methods

Material NameQualityMin DetailsMinimum Wall ThicknessMaximum Size
Metal Laser Sintering (Metal) Stainless steel 316LSmooth finish0.1mm1mm220x220x250
Stainless Steel420 (SLM)Smooth finish0.2mm1.5mm760×390×390mm
AluminiumSmooth finish0.2mm1.5mm270x220x320mm
Stainless Steel316L (DMLS)Smooth finish0.1mm1mm220x220x250mm
MS1 Steel (DMLS)Smooth finish0.1mm1mm220x220x250mm
BrassUltra Smooth Surface0.1mm0.8mm89x89x100mm
BronzeUltra Smooth Surface0.1mm0.8mm89x89x100mm
CopperUltra Smooth Surface0.1mm0.8mm89x89x100mm

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