The Best Metal 3D Printing Services in Melbourne

Metal 3D printing services in Melbourne provide an innovative way to create 3D metal objects. This method uses high-powered lasers to precisely construct 3D models from metal, and has been embraced by 3D printing enthusiasts, engineers, and industrial designers alike.

The two main 3D metal printing technologies used in Melbourne are SLM (Selective Laser Melting) and DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering). Both of these methods involve the use of a powerful laser that melts the metal powder into a 3-dimensional structure. The former technology is more suitable for producing complex metal parts with intricate details, while the latter allows for higher accuracy in terms of size and surface finish.

At CAD Deziners, we believe that 3D metal printing will revolutionize the manufacturing industry. By using this cutting-edge technology, our clients can produce custom parts quickly and cost-effectively without sacrificing quality or precision. Our 3D printers use sophisticated software algorithms to accurately process designs and print them directly in metal powder form – making it faster, easier and more cost-efficient than traditional methods.

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    Metal Printing

    We Use Latest Metal 3D Printing Technologies across Melbourne

    The benefits of using 3D metal printing services in Melbourne are significant, as they enable manufacturers to reduce their costs while creating highly accurate parts with intricate details. In addition, 3D metal prints can produce components with superior strength compared to conventional manufacturing techniques – allowing products to be lighter weight, yet remain durable enough for even the most rigorous applications.

    3D Metal Printing Melbourne provides top quality 3d metal printing services throughout Melbourne. With our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced technicians at our disposal, we can offer reliable solutions at competitive prices that meet your needs perfectly.

    We have a range of 3d metal printing options available for you including SLM & DMLS machines as well as CAD/CAM software tailored specifically for 3d metal printing. We can handle jobs ranging from small batches up to large production runs with ease – no job is too big or too small for us!  Additionally, we also offer rapid prototyping services so you can test out your designs before going into full production mode.

    3d metal printing melbourne
    Metal Printing

    Why You Should Only Choose CAD Deziners For Your Metal 3D Printing Services in Melbourne

    At CAD Deziners, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality 3D metal printing services in Melbourne. We use only the latest 3D printing technologies and processes to ensure that your 3D prints will be of the utmost quality, precision, and accuracy.

    Our 3D printing experts have years of experience in 3D metal printing and are well-versed in its technology, so you can rest assured knowing that your 3D prints will be expertly crafted. We take pride in our quality control standards and offer an extensive range of 3d metal printing services to meet all budgets and requirements.

    We understand that 3D metal printing is a costly investment, so we work hard to make sure that you get the best value for money. Our competitive prices mean that you don’t have to overspend on 3d metal prints if you don’t want to – while still enjoying top-quality results. Plus, our 3d metal printing services include free shipping within Australia, so you can save even more money!

    With CAD Deziners, you also never have to worry about delays or subpar results. Our team works diligently to ensure that each 3d metal print is produced quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality or accuracy.

    Materials used in the Metal Printing Process.


    Aluminium 3d Printing

    This material has good thermal and mechanical properties and low density. This metal also has high electrical conductivity.


    Stainless Steel 316L

    This metal has high resistance and hardness. It is widely used in food and medica sector.


    Copper 3d Printing

    It is widely used in wiring and cabling and electronic industry.


    Brass 3d Printing

    Brass printing is widely used in 3d printing jewelry, accessories and other decoration items.



    It is widely used in 3d printing jewelry and decorative objects.


    Metal Laser Sintering (Metal)

    This technology regenerates real 3D parts from layer-by-layer additions of fused metal powder.

    Metal Printing Methods

    Material NameQualityMin DetailsMinimum Wall ThicknessMaximum Size
    Metal Laser Sintering (Metal) Stainless steel 316LSmooth finish0.1mm1mm220x220x250
    Stainless Steel420 (SLM)Smooth finish0.2mm1.5mm760×390×390mm
    AluminiumSmooth finish0.2mm1.5mm270x220x320mm
    Stainless Steel316L (DMLS)Smooth finish0.1mm1mm220x220x250mm
    MS1 Steel (DMLS)Smooth finish0.1mm1mm220x220x250mm
    BrassUltra Smooth Surface0.1mm0.8mm89x89x100mm
    BronzeUltra Smooth Surface0.1mm0.8mm89x89x100mm
    CopperUltra Smooth Surface0.1mm0.8mm89x89x100mm

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