Fdm Printing

About FDM 3DPrinting

FDM 3D Printing is the most widely used additive manufacturing process which involves fusion of layers of materials together in order to create a part. This technique is also fairly simple and widely accepted. CAD Deziners 3D Printing services dominate the market today. CAD Deziners offer cheap and efficient FDM 3D Printing services in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane. The Biggest advantage of FDM printing is scalability and material flexibility. FDM can provide high finish standard after various post-processing method such as polishing, painting and cold welding. Our printing services provides shorter lead time and economical cost.

Major Benefits: –

  • Cost effective
  • Faster lead time
  • Wide range of prototyping products


Material NameQualityMin DetailsMinimum Wall ThicknessMaximum Size
PLA(FDM)Slightly rough1.0mm1.0mm300x300x450
ABS-M30iSlightly rough1.0mm1.0mm900x600x900mm
ASASlightly rough1.0mm1.0mm900x600x900mm
PC-ISOSlightly rough1.0mm1.0mm900x600x900mm
PC-ABSSlightly rough1.0mm1.0mm900x600x900mm
NYLON 6Slightly rough1.0mm1.0mm900x600x900mm
NYLON 12Slightly rough1.0mm1.0mm900x600x900mm
NYLON 12CFSlightly rough1.0mm1.0mm900x600x900mm
Vero pure whiteUltra smooth surface0.7mm1mm490x390x200mm
Vero Black PlusUltra smooth surface0.7mm1mm490x390x200mm
MED-610Ultra smooth surface0.7mm1mm490x390x200mm

Upload your 3D File

We currently support .3mf, .iges (.igs), .obj, .step (.stp), .stl, .wrl and .zip (with models and textures) files up to 100 mb