4 Outstanding Facts about the 3d printing

3D printing convincingly is the new talk of the town. People have begun realising that it’s not just a cool thing to experiment it; it actually has some great utility. The 3D printing phenomenon offers great utility for several high profile industries, including aeronautics, air force, railway, and even the healthcare sector.

When you realise the importance the industry holds, it is natural to develop curiosity about it. In this article, we shall uncover 4 facts for you related to 3D printing and those who offer these services. 

Let’s begin:

3D printing isn’t new

3D printing has become common recently. The buzz for the tech started in the early 2000s and has now become widely prevalent. 

But did you know that the tech has been around since the early 80s? It’s just that the technology was in the discovery phases back then, which kept it from gaining traction back then. However, now it’s sufficiently developed, and people know a fair bit about it.

It was invented by the French, but there’s a little contestation there. Many believe that it’s an American invention. But according to the sources and patent registrations, it seems that the French Jean-Claude André, Alain le Méhauté and Olivier de Witte are the ones who gave us this technology.

It’s not just a prototyping tool

3D printing offers a lot of utility when it comes to prototyping. A lot of people make prototypes before moving on to the actual production.

In fact, this is one reason why 3D printing is so popular with entrepreneurs. Because it lets them have a prototype that they can pitch to the stakeholders and investors. But that’s not only what you can get from the tech. 

3D printing can be used for producing bulk quantities as well. You can easily set up an in-house system or you may hire a someone to do the job for you.

The second option can be better in most situations because that way, you don’t need to invest in heavy machines and technologies that cost a lot.

3D printing isn’t just done with metal

It is commonly believed that 3D printing is restrictive in its usage. However, that’s far from the truth. 

There are a lot of ink options that you can use. In fact, did you know that you can even use chocolate as ink for 3D printing. If you want the right 3D Printing Services in Australiathen come to CAD Deziners. We have over 60 ink options that you can explore and choose the one that suits your needs the best.

You can lower your manufacturing cost

It’s a myth that 3D printing is a costly process. With the right service, you can actually cut down your costs significantly. 3D printing is one of the most efficient manufacturing services that are available. That’s because the process is quick, and it gets the job done with almost zero wastage. 

With the efficiency that the process offers, there’s a high possibility that it shall become the primary manufacturing method in the future.

Why choose a 3D printing?

Now that you have some cool information about 3D printing, here are a few reasons why you must choose a 3D printing manufacturing service for your needs:

  • It’s efficient: 3D printing things on your own can take a lot of time. Plus, if you are an absolute beginner, it can take some significant time for you to learn things and get comfortable with it. Unless you are free and have nothing better to do, hiring the right service is a wise option.
  • It’s pocket friendly: Getting a printer for yourself can be costly. Plus, there are so many varieties in the market it can be difficult to get something that’s right for you without the right understanding. Plus, getting things made from service is always more affordable.
  • You work with professionals: When you work with a 3D printing company, you have some best people working for you. That means that the margins for errors are low. Plus, you can get the product made quickly because the pros know the best and most efficient techniques to deliver results.

Final Words

3D printing is a great thing to explore. Hopefully, this article also made you learn something new. If you are looking for the right 3D printing services in Perth or other parts of Australia, then contact us right away. 

We have the best printers and technicians in the industry. With us, you get your orders filled in the least possible time. 

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