2022 Overview of 3D Printing in Australia

3D printing is evolving as a technology. The ideas that were mere speculations are now manifest in the physical world. Throughout 2021, there were many major developments, and 2022 has started off with a promising start for 3D printing.

In this article, we shall have an overview of 3D printing. We shall touch upon a few recent developments and what to expect with the technology in 2022. The field is getting broader and broader with each passing day. 

The growing market

The demand for additive manufacturing and 3D printing is growing. It did take a hit back in 2019 when the world got blanketed by a pandemic, but things have caught pace now. 

The reason why 3D printing is growing as a market is because of several reasons. Efficiency and minimum wastage are the top reasons why additive manufacturing soars high. Comparing the stats has been an absolute delight for 3D printing. 

Even until 2017, it wasn’t much of a common phenomenon. Come 2021, a lot of manufacturers have deployed 3D printing to manufacture more than 50% of the goods. The numbers are only expected to go higher in 2022.

The technology is getting widely adopted across various industries. 

Here’s a sneak peek into the 3D printing scene and where it may head in 2022:

Markets will mature

Unlike the traditional manufacturing processes, 3D printing isn’t a commonly used manufacturing method. The phenomenon has surely come a far way from its nascent stature but is still in its adaptive phase. 

Since the numbers show promising growth, it can be speculated that the 3D printing market shall become more mature in 2022. Previously, the major usage of 3D printing was rapid prototyping. According to the surveys, most 3D printing businesses were approached majorly for this one service.

But as of now, 3D printing has seen a marvellous expansion in terms of its usage. Multimillion-dollar deals are being made regularly as more and more business giants are investing in 3D printing businesses.

Overall, in terms of the market demands, the future for 3D printing seems pretty promising. 

Additive manufacturing is eco-friendly

The manufacturing sector is a major contributor to the harm done to ecology. Additive manufacturing offers promising solutions to the ecological problems and the rising global temperatures. 

Since 3D printing works with minimum wastage, it is a far more efficient method of manufacturing than most others that are available. 

Many 3D printing services in Melbourne are mostly making the inks and the raw material via recycling. This can potentially offer solutions to environmental problems that mankind is facing these days. 

This isn’t just an empty thought. Lots of major manufacturers are shifting to 3D printing or at least researching on the tech and how it can be implemented. Ford, for instance, has partnered up with HP and would be producing car parts out of recycled ink and not the usual filaments. 

Additive manufacturing is already being a useful tool for the railway industry. The lead time for spare parts in the railway sector has always been high. It can take months to get the right spare parts. 

With 3D printing, the tasks get done in a matter of weeks. Even less at times. Overall, the future for additive manufacturing looks bright.

The housing sector will benefit a great deal

Ever thought that you’d live in a house that came out of a printer? 

Well, 3D printing is solving homing issues in various parts of the world. There are a lot of housing projects that aim to be built solely out of 3D printing. This was just a thought a few years back, but now there are actual porotypes upon which the projects shall be made.

It’s fascinating, to say the least. A lot of companies are investing in 3D-printed real estate. Since 3D printed homes are durable and made without much cost, it’s solving the problems of homeless people. There are already some great projects under progress in African countries.

It’s actually taking the real estate towards a sustainable and more environmentally friendly. A lot of pipeline projects are expected to get realised in 2022. 

Final Words

Above is the overview of what 2022 may look like for additive manufacturing and 3D printing. There’s a lot of potential for the industry to grow in Australia as well.

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